While you and your dog(s) are visiting City Parks and Paths, please clean up after them

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Out of respect for all City Parks and Path users, please clean up after your dog. Please use the dog waste bags located in each park. The amount of dog waste in our City Parks and along the Paths has become an issue. We encourage you to enjoy our beautiful parks and to be mindful of others also using the park. We appreciate your help in maintaining public health and safety. 

Title 12 Chapter 12.40.035 - City Park Rules

The following rules apply to conduct in City Parks of Columbia Falls
 2. Pets.

a. All pets must be kept on a leach. For purposes of this section the term "leach" is a chain, rope, or strap for leading or holding an animal in check and such leash must physically tether pets to a person or a stationary object.

 b. Pet owners are responsible for removal of any waste deposited by their pets.

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