Is your Short-Term Vacation Rental in Compliance with the Columbia Falls Zoning Regulations - Click here for Details

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It might sound easy enough to fix up a room or your home and list it on a nightly rental website in order to generate extra income. What you may not know is the City of Columbia Falls City-County Zoning jurisdiction has specific requirements that owners must complete to have a legal short-term vacation rental. Columbia Falls established a straightforward Administrative Conditional Use Permit process that requests the inspections and permitting that the owner would have to complete for a legal short-term vacation rental: Flathead County Accommodations Inspections, Fire Department Inspection, Registration with the MT Department of Revenue business and accommodation (bed) tax, and completion of the Application criteria. These regulations are applicable within the City limits as well as the Columbia Falls Planning/Zoning Jurisdiction.

Before starting your short-term vacation rental, please confirm the requirements for your property, residential or commercial, by contacting city staff at (406) 892-4391 or emailing the City Manager/Zoning Administrator nicosias [at] We have included the applications below. Please do not hesitate to contact the Planning/Zoning office with any questions.

If you want to verify a short-term vacation rental near you for compliance, please call the City at 406-892-4391.